English Regency 1820s Mahogany Center Table with Octagonal Top and Gilt Paws


English Regency 1820s Mahogany Center Table with Octagonal Top and Gilt Paws


An English Regency period mahogany center table circa 1820 with octagonal top, carved pedestal and gilded lion paw feet. Enveloping the quintessence of the English Regency period, this mahogany center table, circa 1820, is a harmonious blend of artistry and grandeur. The splendid octagonal top takes center stage, with its magnificent mahogany radiating warmth and stately elegance.

Beneath the top, an in-curving apron takes the baton, gracefully adorned with petite fluted motifs in rhythmic repetition. This subtle detail accentuates the contours of the table and evinces an understated sophistication.

As the eye travels downward, it is greeted by a carved bulbous pedestal, a hallmark of Regency design. This majestic pedestal establishes the table’s regal bearing, and with its robust curves, it emulates the opulence of the era.

Extending from the pedestal are four exquisite legs that boast gilded lion paw feet, enwrapped with delicate foliage at the apex. The gilding lavishes an extra layer of splendor, with the gilt contrasting beautifully against the rich mahogany. These legs are ingeniously connected by an in-curving stretcher, which is also accented with gilded scrolling foliage, lending an air of whimsical grace.

The complementary interplay of the warm mahogany and the gilded accents yields a symphony of colors that is both sumptuous and refined.

In this English Regency center table, each element sings in harmony – the octagonal top, the intricately carved pedestal, and the gilt-adorned lion paw feet – creating an ensemble that is greater than the sum of its parts. Perfect for an elegant living room or foyer, this piece is an investment in history and timeless style.

Height: 30.5 in (77.47 cm)

Width: 49 in (124.46 cm)

Depth: 49 in (124.46 cm)

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